I never met a Luna I didn’t like.

I was hanging out with Mike today at Holiday Isle. The sun was shining brightly, as it orbited the earth at an altitude of 50 feet above South Florida. I was so hot I decided to sit on the helicopter dock and dip my feet in the water.

All kinds of little fishies were swimming near the dock. Little white ones with brown spots that blended right in with the sand. Those small greenish blue ones that swim in big groups and all move at the same time.

A little girl walked up on to the dock and stood behind me.

“Look!” I said to her, “You can barely see these white fish.”


I pointed. “Right here. There the same color as the sand so you can actually see their shadows better.”

“Wow!” She sat down right next to me.

“Do you know what they eat?” She asked.

“No, I don’t. What do they eat?”

“Plankton.” She said. “And shrimp.”

She told me other things she knew about fish. I asked her what her name was.


“That is a very pretty name. My name is Natalie. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You’re name is pretty too.”

“Well thank you.”

Not too long after that, a little boy wandered over to see what we were looking at. He was more interested in playing gangster fish hunter than sitting quietly on the dock. Luna scolded the little boy, warning him that he was going to hurt the fish and get in trouble.

“Look!” Luna said to the little boy. “These white fish are so hard to see that it’s easier to see their shadows.”

I smiled.

“You know,” I said, “The best way to catch a fish is to sit very still and let them swim up to you.”

His eyes got big and he froze. After about 2.5 seconds he got bored with that and started lunging after them again. Luna was very frustrated. I told them about the lighthouse out on Alligator Reef and how you can see shark and dolphin out there. This led to a very lively discussion about how scary sharks were and how you had to be careful cause they might bite your leg off.

During this talk Luna and the little boy were both standing on the dock while I still had my feet in the water. I looked over at the water and a dozen or more fish were hovering right around my feet.

“Look!” I said again. (This is a common exclamation when “looking” at things with other people.) “They’re right there! I wonder if they think my toes are food.”

“Eeeeewwwww!” in unison.

Then of course they had to stick their feet in the water to see if their toes looked as yummy to little fishies as mine did.


5 responses to “I never met a Luna I didn’t like.

  1. Well I’m glad your making new friends. This blog thing is cool but made awesome because only you can write about your life and make it so fascinating. I’ll never get board of reading what you write here.

  2. Hi Natalie!
    I’m hoping that this comment I’m trying to post will work…You know, it’s funny that you mentioned you’d like to write for a living. Emily and I read up on you from time to time; you crack us up. Anyhoo, the other day we were talking about you (in a productive way) and we both agreed that you should be a pro writer of some sort. :) just thought you might like to hear some feed back!

  3. Wow. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the encouragement. Now the pressure is on to keep ya’ll entertained!

  4. Did you just say “y’all”?!?

  5. cute. as far as i know you still have all your toes. i’ve never heard that as a name before.

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