The Dance No One Saw

This is a “short story” I wrote not too long ago. I say short in quotations because it’s a bit longer than most of my posts here. It’s also 100% true.

All you Teen Mania folk should get a special sort of kick out of this story.

They say there are only 24 hours in a day.

That may be true in most cases, but not during a particular August I spent in Corpus Christi.

Thirty of us “young adults” were getting a crash course on how to put together a world class, high tech, multimedia event. Long complicated snakes of video, audio, lighting and electrical cord ran along the floor of the rodeo arena we were practicing in. Caribeaners clicked as the sixty foot high lighting truss was climbed and mounted. Giant projectors linked to spiffy video software did their best to frustrate the computer programmer.

My task in all the pre-production flurry was simple.

Count t-shirts.

It would be an understatement to say I was disappointed with this. If I had been able to count t-shirts in the arena, so I could preview the video clips, watch the drama team practice and see the lighting genius work out his sequences to the music, THEN I would have been simply disappointed.

I was, however, counting t-shirts in a corridor where tarantulas helped me fold merchandise and the music from the arena sounded like it was echoing through 100 tin cans.

I decided to take a break and go to the opposite corridor to watch the drama team practice their comedic sketches. While the actors ran through their lines, the drama coach, Mitch, ran around in circles, and generally made a nuisance of himself to test their concentration skills. Since I was a t-shirt counter/folder I wasn’t required to keep a straight face. I enjoyed rolling around on the dusty concrete floor, making things even harder for the struggling thespians.

Energized and uplifted by the good laugh I got, I headed back to my dark corner that seemed a little lighter now. Except I had left my inventory sheet with Mitch and his crew. So, I turned around to walk the long empty hall again.

The massive sound system in the main auditorium was getting checked and it was then that a very cheesy song began. It was a cartoonish song of silly, spring love with serenading birds.

Mitch happened to be headed my direction in the hall.

At the same moment we both threw our hands up in the air and ran towards each other in mock slow motion. As we approached each other, he grabbed my waist, the music crescendoed, he lifted me in the air and spun me around.

Without a word, he set me down and we both walked away. Casually and without a single backward glance.

I whistled all afternoon. The rest of the week was full of 24 hour days.


11 responses to “The Dance No One Saw

  1. Yep, I had a few of those 30 hour days when I was with Teen Mania too! What a life…hard, tiring, but fun!

    Your stories are GREEAAT!


  2. Uh, I think you and Mitch should have both been BV’d for innapropriate contact.

  3. Babe, I miss you! I wasn’t at Teen Mania with you but do you remember when it was over and we picked you up. It’s just like mom and dad to make that trip our vacation for the year. Luckily I had …..the camcorder. There was Gregory (which someone on the “Ministry Team” ended up stealing and Lenoir the rabbit, the silly penguin who wanted to be a sheep and the two of us. Oh what a crew, what a movie we made in the van. We is two funnay peeples!
    I love you and miss you my favorite sister!!

    Laura Beth Pomeroy

  4. Josh, We were BV’d actually. We invented a time warp machine after we were BV’d and then made sure to pass eachother quickly in the hall the second time.

    Laura, Yeah that was super funny. I think Victor should have gotten BV’d for stealing Gregory.

  5. 30 hour days? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never worked more than 6 hours when I was at TM. And we got bonuses on fridays. And there were elves. :)

    aahhh, good memories.

  6. Danny Zacharias

    There was a lighting genius?

  7. I REMEMBER THIS DAY!!!! I was so mad, cause I was a thespian struggling not to laugh… and a couple days later was my 21st b-day which we were awake for 21 hours of! And ya’ll sang to me over the tin can system!! YAY for me!

  8. Okay, I love this post. I can so picture this … hmmm. Just like Mitch and you to do this. Ha ha. I would have been laughing for many hours. To myself, of course. Such things are rarely shareable. Usually the response is at least one eyebrow signifiantly higher than the other, and a look that makes you wonder what alien mask you put on that morning. sigh. Good times.

  9. yes, bv-able behavior for sure.

  10. annonymous annie

    These are pretty much the only moments I live for.

  11. What?!?! There was a time warp machine!??! What the heck? ;) :D

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