nosce te ipsum

Know thyself.

Every once in a while, my mind will begin to wander into dark and deep places. I can’t be certain why, or maybe I’m just to lazy to figure out why, but as soon as I realize that I’m there, I usually end up floating right back up to light and airy things.

I had a glimpse into the deep the other day. I realized that to make right choices, to fulfill God’s will, to live a satisfying and complete life, you must know who you are.

Not what people tell you that you are.

As I began to contemplate this more thoroughly, a part of my mind took over, we’ll call him the “Goof”, and told me that I would really enjoy taking some of those online personality tests. Yeah, those are always fun. And NOT deep.

So I took a test on that determines your gender identity. I am 82% masculine. I wasn’t willing to pay the $4.95 required to see my Gender Identity Report. Mostly because this figure of 82% was not a surprise to me. I even referred to my goofy alter ego as “him”! Yikes.

I am such a guy.

I take things apart, and somehow can’t put them together again. I prefer action movies. I love science fiction and enjoy comic books. I like action figures. I smell my clothes to see if they’re dirty. During holidays, you will most likely find me in the living room with the guys. My clothes end up on the floor, wherever I took them off. I play video games! For hours on end! I call my best friends twice a year and am totally (well, mostly) okay with that. I burp loudly and proudly. (Mike hates that. “Nice,” he always says.)

Though I do have my moments where I’d like to chat and gab, most of the time (about 82%) I’d rather just hang.

So, leave a comment if you like. I’ll just be sittin over here playing Call of Duty, drinkin Mountain Dew and eatin Cheetos for the next eight hours.


7 responses to “nosce te ipsum

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!
    You and I are definatly from the same strange patch a berries!

  2. Out of curiosity I filled out the same test… I was scored at 58% male.

    I’m not terribly surprised, to be honest. I’m actually rather please. As Virginia Woolf said, the true genius must be androgynous.

  3. thanks for starting my day with a smile…

    i wonder if i could beat you in a burping contest…

  4. My dearst daughter,

    I cannot imagine how this has happened! Perhaps it’s because you are related to me? By the way, LAURA TOOK MY COMMENT! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!

    I Love You! You Are Just The perfect way God Made You!!

    I’ll See you Tuesday afternoon!

    Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!


  5. What a great Mom. :) Anyway, I think I’d probably score the same as you … and it seems we actually have more in common that I previously knew! Who’d a thunk? :)

  6. Thanks for going to my blog.

    I don’t even have to go take the test. I already know I’m more female than male. Okay, I’ll go take the test because now I’m starting to feel as if I’m losing my masculinity. The “Goof” is playing mind games inside my head.

  7. I’m 11% masculine (89% feminine). But we still seem to get along great (at least I think we do!) :) You’re so cool!

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