Important Questions and the Day Four Story

Firstly, and I really feel that this is a good question, why would a smoker willingly book a room at a 100% smoke free hotel? I know why I booked a hotel room at a 100% smoke free hotel.

A: Because it was free. (Mike’s hotel points, remember.)
2: Because I don’t want to sleep in a bed that smells like ash.
3 thru 1,692: Other reasons closely related to #2.

So all day I had my eyes open, waiting for a good blog story. There is usually a moment after an experience or a thought that goes something like “Oh, that’s totally going on my blog.”

We roamed the streets of Universal, ate food, blah blah…… nice day, just no good stories.

It seemed the day was over. We went home, relaxed, ate dinner, then at 8:30 pm Mike said, “Why don’t we go back to the park and ride that Mummy ride again?”

So we did. We rode the ride three times in 35 minutes. It was so awesome, and half the fun was running through the two buildings that contained the herd guides for the usually 45-90 min + waiting lines. However, this was not my “totally going on my blog” moment.

Oh not even close.

The second time we went through the ride, this sweet girl sat next to me on the ride. She was freaking out a little bit before the cart started to move so I asked her if she had been on it before. She hadn’t, so I tried to encourage her. Her friend on the other side said she had been trying to convince her it would be fun.

The ride started and we all oohed and aahed during the exposition part of the ride. Seconds before the roller coaster part started, Mike and I lifted our arms. Whoosh!

Sweet girl didn’t see it coming, and apparently she needed to grab somebody’s arm, so she reached over to me and grabbed my… um….. well, you see my arms were in the air, so…..

Anyway, in the same moment she realized what she was holding, and as my arms were coming down (reactively), I thought “Oh, that’s totally going on my blog.”

After that, I gave her my hand and she squeezed it for the rest of the ride.


7 responses to “Important Questions and the Day Four Story

  1. that is the kind of moment all bloggers only hope to achieve.

    sigh. i envy you.

  2. ellaminnowpea

    First of all, that’s HILARIOUS. And it’s really the kind of story you can only get on vacation. I’m hoping my trip to Boston next week will give me something blogworthy.

    Second, I made your links!

    Aww, I feel so… renowned… sort of.

  3. THAT was funny!

  4. That was funny. As always. Had to laugh straight out of the gate at your ‘reasons 3 – 1692.’ ha ha. Funny girl. Interestingly enough, there’ve been a few such (without the roller coaster part) moments in my life as a server. ‘nuf said. It’s close quarters back in the kitchen.

  5. Im laughing so hard I’m gasping and that’s the second time I’ve heard the story!! You certainly have a gift with words, my friend!!


  6. Awesome….I’m sitting here in Panera , taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I open you blog and start reading. And right here in the middle of all the hustle and bustle….I’m laughing….out loud….and hitting the table. Because I do that…when something really cracks me up.
    Dear Lord….THAT…is freaking awesome.
    I love you……
    -lora bora

  7. oh my gosh! too funny. it’s also funny that i always am on the blogging stories quest as well! and i think “Oh, that’s totally going on my blog.” all the time :)

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