New Boyfriend

Deep Breath.

I promised more video content like the Christmas card.

Have mercy, I’m using a digital camera that just happens to have a video setting, and I’m editing on not a Mac.

I had a couple of free hours this morning before my counseling session (which you’ll see why I need it), so I hope you enjoy the fruits of my recreation.


41 responses to “New Boyfriend

  1. grr. i’m frustrated by my africa-internet. i can’t get the video to load. i’m off to collapse into bed. i’ll try again tomorrow.

    at least i managed to get first-comment…

  2. Yep, Alece got first. But only by seconds. On another note *I CAN FINALLY VIEW VIDEOS!!* :D Ok. Hilarious, classic, quintessential Natalie. :) (Now that I know you so well and all.) Great stuff. I like the Natalie writing the blog. Dry sarcasm. Yeah. :)

  3. What the hell?!… you are straight-up out of your mind, which of course is why i keep coming back.


    p.s. Now that I’ve witnessed your vision of a “new boyfriend,” I think that I could safely fill in the gaps of my Freudian dream analysis regarding your flying sugar jars. However, for the sake of those with sensitive ears, I won’t… I guess I was unprepared to take it as far as your repressed desire for transgendered, alien robots, but since you already did… let me just say that Freud himself would shutter… then make a fortune selling the story to some creepy website ;)

  4. thanks for the laugh this afternoon! you never cease to amaze me:)

  5. Dan: So much I want to say regarding your comment.

    Anonymous: Glad I could make you laugh! Who is this that I never cease to amaze?

    Annie: I wondered if you were going to be able to watch this….

    Alece: I look forward to your comment once you get to watch me in action.

  6. Indeed….i giggled.
    I miss you. Josh is talking about me flying to visit for a while. I sure could use it. Then WE could make goofy videos together for your blog.

  7. oh my.
    You should know my roommate and I laughed incredibly hard. And we watched it twice.
    Later, I’ll show it to my friend Lindsey. And she will inevitably laugh harder than I.

    Thanks for the laugh.
    Your creativity is astounding…

  8. I don’t have sound- so I made up my own lines… and it was still great :)

  9. giggled – I did :-)

  10. that was awesome.

    daniel said you’re almost his hero. emma’s been saying “see madie” for ten minutes now.

    that was so cool.

  11. Becca: I am beaming. Love it when perfect strangers laugh at me.

    Laura: Bring it.

    Danielle: Almost his hero? ALMOST!! What does a girl have to do? I mean, I’m frickin dating Optimus Prime! He’s sick right now. Every time he sneezes he accidentally transforms. It was funny at first. Now it’s just annoying.

  12. Youtube. Metacafe. This video needs to go to them all and tag it ti hell and gone. The world needs this. Too good. Great editing. Great writing to the cut, which I have tremendous respect for due to my rampant suck in that area. Even greater ACTING to the cut. Hard to do in a one-girl circus. Lloyd Kaufman never accomplished this! Angle continuity was dead-on. Lovely all the way around, My Dear.

  13. finally… this was fun, talia. my favorite line? “….like earth.”

    i miss you.

  14. this makes me laugh. emma made me come to your blog and watch it over and over.

    my favorite parts:
    the “i know i’m lame” expression on your face when you say you met on the internet and “air”. also, “yeah…” he he

    i’m not sure what daniel’s looking for in a hero. i hope opti feels better soon.

  15. i also love the dress and that optimus prime fumbles with his ear!

  16. Oh man did I giggle…..very similar to my internet dating experience! :)

  17. ok ok…also love the “i’m watching you” and i caught something new the last time: opti’s bun / pony tail when s/he walks away!!! so funny.

  18. Beka said “so which one is natalie?” hmmmm

  19. Just so you know, I did not enable the “double comment” feature. Although it is a nice thing to see so many comments. Nevermind three of them are mine.

    I did this in kind of a rush (4 hours, start to finish), but since you all seem to be amused, I might have to make some more… and spend a little more time on them.

    I’m such a pain to direct though.

  20. What! Two Natalies? Kyrsten did not get it.

    I liked how the dress matched his/her helmet. Color coordination is something you should always desire in a mate.

  21. hahaha! That was amusing.

    And, I need all the amusement I can get!

    So, thanks!

    I am inspired to make my own short film. Except, I have no acting or directing talent. So it would basically suck.

    Therefore, since I am not making a short movie, you have to make another one.

  22. HAHAHAHA You know, I can’t believe this is my first time visiting your blog. Hilsrious!!!!!

  23. you are rackin’ up the comments on this one. kudos, friend. we makin’ a video together in may?

  24. Jeff: Another one, eh? I’ll see what I can do.

    Karah: Your first time?! You have totally been missing out. I’m glad you looked.

    Alece: Yes. And yes. Maybe an episode where Alece tries to steal Natalie’s boyfriend? (and then Niel body slams Optimus Prime into another story line….)

  25. I’d like to see that video.

  26. mandythompson


    encore encore encore!!!!!!

  27. Lady, you are soooo funny – you and all your various “characters”…I loved it! :)

    d :)

  28. Wow, that was funny. I can see why we were friends.

  29. so are you in counseling WITH optimus or on your own?

    best part – first time OP fiddles with the button trying to make himself talk…

    or herself…

  30. that was fantastic. i giggled. i didn’t know your middle name was jane.

  31. The more I watch this, the funnier it gets. haha!

  32. i may be your dad, and this may sound a bit biased, but i assure you it isn’t. I mean I wouldn’t want to give any one the wrong impression, or fuzzy illusions about a guy named oscar, well remember you saw it here first,and you go girl, see you at the grammys, that is if everyone gets sound with these moving picture shows. love ya . dad

    p.s. don’t let those hollywood types fool ya hun, this is good stuff, i suspect dell comics will be in touch with you soon.

  33. Looks like Optimus Prime and Natalie might be having further adventures together.

    Mua ha.

    Mua ha ha ha ha.

  34. Andrew Glazebrook

    This was great fun ! :)

    Oh yeah how come they can spend $300 Million on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3’ and that has hundreds of crew members and is a load of rubbish and yet you made this by yourself for nothing and was miles more entertaining ?!? :)

  35. Why thanks Andrew. Do you realize what I could do if I had things like “budget”, “equipment”, and “people”?

    Why…. I could take over the world.

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  39. So great! I love videos.

    and you have a great name.

  40. I was checking my email this morning and Emma asked to ‘watch natalie on your computer’. So, here we are.

  41. annonymous annie

    look at your long hair

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