New Boyfriend 3

If you haven’t seen them yet,

Here is PART I

Here is PART II

and here is PART III.


29 responses to “New Boyfriend 3

  1. I felt like I was watching and episode of the office!

  2. Sweet! Totally what I was going for.

  3. hmmmm – is it weird that the first thing i thought about when i heard “herbal teas” was some strange episode during the season of thyme? (or should it be “herbal tease”?)

  4. Good point Number 5. Maybe that was part of the confusion between us.

    Also, it seems that I have nothing better to do this afternoon but reply to each and every comment. We’ll see how long I can keep this up before piano lessons start.

  5. Oh Natalie… never stop… I love it!

  6. i’m only curious how far along you are on your philip k. dick reader…

  7. Nice.
    Very nice.

  8. So – Alece has funky faces on her non-wordpresser profile pics and you have quilt blocks. Interesting. Is this a choice that you made for your site? Or did the powers that be decide it for you?

  9. Oh – I liked your episode too. :-D

  10. The powers that be. Cause you know I would have chosen funky faces. I strongly dislike quilts.

  11. Great vid. Badass writing. I think Natalie should try to make Opti jealous with Tony Stark – He likes pretty girls and he’s definitely more fun…. even if he is something of a short term relationship kinda guy.

  12. Nice job. I appreciate you allowing us to link to your pre-release screeners. Feels cool to have the inside track on the hot new projects coming out.

  13. this was great. i love the ending credits and the sounds effects that accompany them.

    thanks, once again, for a laugh out loud. :)

  14. And I agree with Joy Renee as to wondering about your progress in the Dick eader

  15. so – are you enjoying your wordpress blog?

  16. I am enjoying WordPress.

    I have actually finished the Philip K. Dick reader and need to read it again, because it’s been a while.

    I don’t think I ended up including the shot that showed the cover, but OP was reading “The Body Restoration Plan”.

  17. i was AT that ninja monkey convention!

    and i saw the smoldering ruins of the super 8 motel. sad. really sad.

  18. Give us MORE give us MORE give us MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: your theme music ROX!!!!!

  19. oh this was so office like. with the camera interviews, i loved it.

  20. Alece: I’m so glad you could represent your brand of awesome at the Ninja Monkey Convention. Next year I’ll book two hotel rooms just in case. I think there was a conspiracy to keep me from attending.


    You wouldn’t have had anything to do with that…..would you?

  21. (by the way, i loved the reminiscent-of-strongbad “music” at the end…)

  22. is this series going to be as good as hot mammas..

  23. ROTFLOL you’re such a nut! Love it!

  24. Okay. We had to watch this again. This time my favorite part was personality / teas line. And of course, still the ending.

    Emma’s critique? “Maddy’s silly. See Maddy.”

  25. okay, we all just watched all three again. they make us laugh out loud every time.

  26. LOL – you crack me me up. The ninja monkey convention is in Thailand next year. Book early…

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