New Boyfriend 4

I have recently realized that my blog seems to indicate that I’m obsessed with dating. While this is not true, I do find it to be a current and entertaining topic.

Before I begin to spread my horizons and post on such thrilling subjects as “WHAT I ATE THIS MORNING!” and “I AM SO BORED!” indulge the taste buds of your eyeballs on this….. but only if you have already seen these…

New Boyfriend

New Boyfriend 2

New Boyfriend 3


21 responses to “New Boyfriend 4

  1. Your ass is retarded hot.

    Good work, Lady.

  2. Well, thanks, and if I could take any credit for it, I would.

    Anybody else want to comment? On the video that is?

  3. Insightful. Educational. Witty. and Outdoorsy.

    Look out New York! :-)

  4. I loved the video – compelling footage. :) I especially love it since we watch Survivorman and Man vs. Wild all the time. It’s Natalie vs. Wild.

  5. Youtube hates me. I think I got to see a grand total of 5 seconds out 4:01 minutes of great video. I mean video that actually played as video. The rest was one jerky frame-by-frame grrrrr. But you were gorgeous. Seriously. Loved the ‘almonds’ touch … oh, and “WHAT I ATE THIS MORNING,” and “I AM SO BORED!” topics made me laugh out loud!

    Oh, and on subjects of people with a really random sense of humor (were we talking about that?) …. have you seen any of Oscar Wilde’s plays? The humor in them just makes me laugh out loud. I’ve only actually seen 2 (An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Ernest), but … keepers, both of them. The acting (mostly on the part of the women, with the exception of Cate Blanchett) is kind of weak – although I will say Rupert Everett does a fantastic job in both – but the script writing is SO fantastic. So anyway. If you want a lighthearted laugh for an evening and haven’t seen them already – maybe check them out! Caution: they’re not even remotely sci-fi. Or anything related to it. But they’re lots of fun. :D

  6. i think this is my favorite so far.

    (and don’t you really want to say something else yet?)

  7. #1 – I love almonds. I parched myself on them earlier today.

    #2 – Don’t you think Opti would be hanging out in an inner-city area? I mean, he would blend in better there, being made of metal and plastics and such. Just a thought.

    #3 – Your production quality gets better with every video. Good work.

    #4 – There is no #4.

  8. Huh… I guess the basic grounds for fodder have all been covered.

    1) Discussion about Natalie’s “retarded hot ass.”


    2) Talk about the increased quality of production.


    3) Perfect sound track.


    ….wait… what the hell was that first one!


  9. nice.
    I loved the song.

  10. Annie: Keep trying!

    Alece: I said something new. Just for you.

    Mark: I am already there. Opti’s next adventure will be in a location that better suits his… frame. And thank you. I stepped up from the video feature on my camera to an actual camcorder. Baby steps.

    Dan: At least we all have our priorities straight.

    Becca: Over the Rhine. LOVE THEM. You have no choice. Good Dog Bad Dog is my favorite album for lazy summer days or introspective legs of road trips.

  11. CLASSIC!!!!!!

    my gosh that was funny

  12. (i was so glad you used that over the rhine song.)

    as soon as i read your new wirwtsi, i remembered you telling me that. my first thought was: “aaah, nathanael…” thanks, friend. i needed that chuckle.

  13. I’ll have you know I bought that song on iTunes moments after I saw this video of yours.
    Over The Rhine thanks you.

  14. I love that you explained your headline in the sidebar for us! lol. I will try again. Oh. And I did love the song, too. Perfect choice. All the audio came through flawlessly.

  15. Very funny indeed.

  16. so who’s the guy who likes your ass. tee hee!
    No seriously.
    I thought it was great and also noticed how good you look. Man your teeth are so white!
    Good stuff. Keep it up!
    Love you!

  17. How did I miss this!?

    This is, once again, fantastic! It literally made me burst out with laughter.

    It is crazy all the walking he does / you did.

    Good job.

    I was thinking of you yesterday. I think it was your last lesson with Mr. Gym and Mr. Gym’s cologne. Did you ask him to coffee?

    Missing you.

  18. Em just watched this three times in a row. And the scary part is she figured out how to ‘replay’ herself. She’s a bit young to be surfing online!

    She is saying to me right now “Natalie wants to come back, Momma”. :(

  19. Oh!!!! Kids just know things, don’t they?

  20. Wow. All I can say after watching your vids is that I am thoroughly impressed. I had no idea you were busting at the seams with talent. Good luck in New York to you, and now I have another damn blog that I will be obsessed with.

    I hate you a little for that!!!

    Oh, and the first Boyfried was my favorite. “I have an Optimus Prime hat, am I Optimus Prime?” That had me rolling!!

  21. Oh my gosh Natalie! These are so great! I watched them with my 3 year old, who by the way is rooting for Opti, and I was laughing out loud! Good stuff!

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