I’m going on vacation tomorrow.

Back to Florida for a week of tanning, relaxing, drinking, eating, frisbee tossing, shuffleboarding, and whatever other “ings” one does when vacationing.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be getting on the internet at all during that time.

Perhaps…(I say slowly, pinky finger raised to the corner of my smirk)…. if I have any vacation experiences worth gloating over.  Er… I mean… worth sharing.


9 responses to “Pause

  1. i think i have tropical envy.

  2. nice…i’m totally jealous. i want florida!

    have so much fun.

  3. I hope there is something worth gloating over…or even share worthy. ;)

  4. Lord, send her ‘experiences’ worth sharing. We always love them!


    So if your vacation is ever-so-slightly hijacked … it may be my fault. :D



  7. …there are a few other fun “ing” things to do while on the beach… now, if i can just remember what ;)

  8. Hey Natalie! I decided to jump bloggin ships to check yours out. So glad I did! Alece and I were talking about a picture we have of you that involves a faraway look, shoes and midgety arms! I’m so glad to see you are still hilarious as ever. I hope you had a great time on vacation!

  9. Hey Nat! Just wanted to let you know I was back for an encore presentation of New Boyfriend 1,2,3&4! This time I brought the whole family along… we popped popcorn, ate some juju beans, and sipped from a tremendously large cup! (Which brought on a potty break near video 3 but hey whatcha gonna do?) We all loved it!

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