Star Trek

I finally saw it.

In an IMAX theater.

It was glorious.

I cried twice.

I have no complaints, only praise.

I’m very excited that the Star Trek I remember can remain unscathed in my memory, and yet this new thing can exist with today’s special effects and sensibilities.

I hope to see more.


13 responses to “Star Trek

  1. This is the most perfect review of the movie I have read. I agree wholeheartedly.

    And for the Star Trek laymen (i.e. myself) I didn’t get lost. It was not so exclusive, ya’ know?

    I am hoping to see more too.

  2. No way! I saw it before you did?! Inconceivable!

    (I saw it last week Wednesday.)

    It was good. Everyone who is a Trekkie loves it. I am quite familiar with Next Generation … not so much with the original. Therefore there are several things I’m sure which sailed right over my head. But yes. Very good. So glad to hear you think so highly of it. :) And I agree with Angie. :)

  3. Where did you cry at? Just wondering if it was the same spots as Daniel.

    • I cried right at the beginning, I cried when a certain large spherical object exploded (don’t want to ruin anything for people who might not have seen it), and I feel like there was one more place, but I don’t remember when.

      Did he really cry?

      • I totally cried at said moment of explosion. Ben noticed and was like, “Did that make you cry??” haha. But it was supposed to, I think. Maybe one of those ‘for the benefit of the ladies’ things, but … yeah.

  4. i’m glad you weren’t disappointed, but that you really liked it. you never know if sequels and remakes will be wonderful or awful.

  5. cant. wait.
    must. watch.

  6. I agree with the gloriousness!
    When people are trying to figure out what movie to watch and ask me what I thought of Star Trek…I raise my hands and let out a glorious Ahhhh like the clouds have just parted and a heavenly host of angels have appeared.

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