GED snag

I’m planning on visiting the DMV soon, and the driver’s license saga will be (thankfully) over.  Probably next pay check.

This spring I applied to the CUNY school system which is made up of 23 learning institutions including Hunter College.

However, I ran into a little snag.  The state of New York requires their applicants to have either a GED or a state issued diploma.  I was home schooled my junior and senior years of high school, and the laws were different way back then.  Which means, I have neither.

So at 30 years old, I have signed up to take the GED.  I have 7 weeks left to study.  Yes, study.

I keep hearing that the test is easy, and I’m sure it is, but it has been YEARS since I’ve discussed the finer points of essay writing, worked through algebraic formulas, or paid any attention to dates in history.

So a fall acceptance may not be possible(admissions deadlines passed), but hopefully I’ll be gracing the halls of higher learning institutions with my presence by the beginning of 2010.


18 responses to “GED snag

  1. So what do they do for students from abroad? Could you follow that route?

    I applaud you for pursuing higher education. God for it!

  2. Oops! “Go” for it. :blush:

  3. bravo, natalie jane! i’m proud of you.

  4. Aw, Nat! (Do you mind that I call you that? If so, apologies …) So many hoops! That is something I had never considered. I was home-schooled grades 7-11 … Dad thought Mom was overwhelmed and sent us to public school that last year. So I do, in fact, have a state-issued diploma. A sudden benefit, should I ever apply for school in New York! I’m sure this will all work out for the best, but what a headache!

    • Feel free to call me Nat. I enjoy and encourage the making up and/or usage of nicknames.

      This absurd complication of common procedures seems to be a theme in my life. It’s all good though. As long as I can smile through it, or smile through most of it. :)

  5. he he he…

  6. p.s. sorry for the giggle…

  7. and i wonder why people hate new york so much.

  8. nothing… well, um, it’s just that it seems that NYC thinks you’re… remedial… tee he he… it’s ok, i like my slow friends just as much… cuz, it just makes me look more compassionate in front of my smart ones ;)

  9. he he he… you have to go back to high school… *sung in a taunting voice*

    p.s. i hated highschool… some of the most depressing years of my life…

  10. Natalie?!?! I didn’t know you were homeschool! How is it that I did not know this! I was homeschooled from 9-12 grades.. and because of the curriculum we used (a hodge podge), I had to take the GED, it was really easy. I was not good at Algebra and I scored very well on the test. So worry not my friend, you will make it through with flying colors!

  11. Wow this has changed since my last visit! Good luck on the GED. These tests never end, I thought I was done after the SAT but now it’s on to the GRE. We’re all smart here, OK? stop tormenting me with scantrons!

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