Compy Love

Here is a question that may exclude some regulars.  Sorry!

I’ve recently become interested in learning more about computers.  Specifically, programming.  However, I am essentially a beginner.

Is anyone who reads this blog a computer geek?  (Gordon, are you still out there?)

I’m looking for tips on good places to start.  Would an intro to C++ be a good idea?  Books?  Certification courses?  Educational websites?  Bueller?


9 responses to “Compy Love

  1. **gracefully bowing out**

  2. really? programming? we should probably talk.

  3. Java is probably easier to start out with than C++. It’s also used in many CompSci courses nowadays.

    Are you thinking hobby or career? You can download everything you need to get started with Java for free. There are also tutorials on-line which are also free but I’d recommend a good book for something a little more structured. Books are still better for a quick reference point too.

    I used an earlier version of this book
    and the latest version seems to have good reviews.

    Obviously if you’re thinking of a career, you’ll need some form of qualification but a start like this would let you know if you have a taste for it.

    Feel free to email me with more questions.

  4. I love nerdy natalie!

  5. Josh is amazing with computers….I’ll have him email you or something…..or you could email him with any questions–>

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