September 12, 2005 – June 12, 2009

You served your purpose.



11 responses to “THE END

  1. Natalie,
    I am speechless… as are you, evidently. (wink)

    R.I.P. oh blog.

  2. Didn’t see that coming.

  3. Laura Beth Pomeroy

    WHAT THE>>>>>?

  4. I’m brainstorming a better idea. This place was simply becoming something I didn’t want it to be. I’ll sneak back into blogworld later. Eventually.

  5. :(

    but happy for lovely new ideas.

    we will miss thee, oh blog.

  6. no way man… gotta say, you’ll be missed in blogesphere. If you start telling your witty tales elsewhere… let me know!!!

  7. I loved being able to keep track of you without email, I am so bad at emailing and calling. Always remember you are always in our hearts and prayers.

  8. Wha? Wha?!! No more blog?? This is HORRIBLE!!

  9. Wait! What? No……

    Really? No!


    I’ll miss you. You can’t delete it. Are you going to delete the blog? There’s so much good stuff you need to keep it all here.

    Oh my goodness.

  10. I’m slow getting here. I’ve been a bad blog fan. Sorry to see you go, but glad you’ll be back. Let us all know when you do get rolling again.

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