To Make a Natalie…


I am Natalie. Natalie Jane Wood.

This blog is named so because it seems that I only ever say what I really want to say when I write.

In real life (outside of this blog), I am forging a new life for myself in New York City. I am tentatively pursuing an aggressive career in acting.

I love laughing. I know everyone says that, but I think it must be triple times true for me. The people I love the most are the ones who make me laugh the most. The movies I love the most are the ones in which I laugh harder each time I see them.

There isn’t a real consistent theme here. At least not on purpose.

I hope I make you laugh. I hope I make you think. I hope I make you look at your own life differently. I hope you comment, not always on the content of my posts, but on the thought process you had when reading that content. Get the difference there? Go ahead and reread it if you need to. I’ll wait.

Any specific questions about me? Ask them here and I’ll incorporate the answers into this page. Or something. Either way I’ll answer them. We can figure out the “how” later.

@nswering @ngie: How would I describe my laugh? It depends on which laugh you are referring to. I have an explosive one that gets on my nerves. I have a low, soft chuckle. I’d like to think that my laugh sounds whole.

The most recent movie that I have seen that made me laugh? I laughed really hard at Burn After Reading. Mostly incredulous laughter. But laughter that left me with a sense of joy and peace and bliss? That was after watching Omega Man.

Sarah: I always seem to buy the toilet paper with the cartoon bears on it. I can’t remember what it’s called. Charmin? It’s like I don’t even see other toilet paper.


15 responses to “To Make a Natalie…

  1. Is that Opti I see walking in the grass out there?

  2. Hey – I didnt know where to put this, so i figured here works…. I’m headed for a little trip to NYC and was wondering if you had found any great restaurants for lunch or cool coffee shops aside from the starbucks on every block.

    I keep reading, and I keep enjoying! :)

    it will be nice to see how your acting classes affect the New Boyfriend Series. Have you found Opti in NYC yet?

  3. What do you realy want to say? Say it Please.

    I read somewhere the best policy in talking is to talk beating around the be clear and concise when getting a message accross.

    Dont dribble on like i do…

    anyways i love the title of your blog..really caught my e-majination.

  4. So, my thought process as I read this, (sometimes I am such a brown-noser , gotta follow the rules… sheesh… oh well, I yam what I yam…) as I was saying, first I was contemplating why I had a crazy comment already on a post I had never read. Then I began to wonder about tentative aggressiveness or would it be aggressive tentativeness? Then I was on to the laughing bit and the scene from Mary Poppins where everyone is on the ceiling laughing started playing in my mind. Which brings me to my two questions for you.

    #1 How would you describe your laugh?
    #2 What is the most recent movie you have seen that made you laugh hard? (mine was Meet Dave – ’bout peed my pants!)

  5. @ngie: Yeah I completely changed my “About” page and left your old comment. I was going to delete it, but it makes me happy so I left it.

    Now to add the answers to your questions…..

  6. When did this page get here??? Totally missed it. Um yeah, tentatively agressive? How do I do that? Do I make you laugh? We sure laugh a lot when we are together – in person and on the tele. Sometimes I would call it legen-wait for it – dary. Thought processes and writers…I often wonder.

    Oh yeah, I have a question. What is your favorite brand of toilet paper? Why? And you better not pick cottonelle because its mascot is a puppy.

  7. charlenegarrett

    I love your laugh!

  8. “I am tentatively pursuing an aggressive career in acting.”

    That is quite possibly the best line ever written.


  9. i miss your laugh.

  10. I miss you….I can’t wait to talk on the phone…I am just funnier when I am with you and I like being funny!

    BTW- did you know that Trisha is getting hitched in FEB?

  11. Annonymous Annie

    your blog is the only blog I read

  12. Annonymous Annie

    And I did make the mistake of buying Cottonelle bc of the mascot puppy. And you know I would. But it doesn’t last very long. I will have to say the tripe pleated, wavy kind. I don’t even know the brand. But, I will keep you posted.

  13. Annonymous Annie

    and I don’t laugh.

    I cackle.

    And the only reason I’m okay with my cackling is because my grandma has a cackle too.

  14. Natalie has a great laugh. Refreshing and fun and contagious.

  15. I have questions, oh so many questions. But, alas, I’m sick of asking you questions over the internet… so, i shall save them for a time when our faces become faces instead of screens… *sigh*

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