You looked, didn’t you?

Do you read this blog, but never ever comment? I understand. I do that to some blogs too. However, if you have the good taste to read my blog, I’m sure I would enjoy yours…. if you have one.

This page is for you.

I humbly ask you to leave a single comment below with a link to your blog so that I may read!

Also, when you comment, let me know if it’s ok to include you on my Fellow Bloggers list.

If you aren’t going to comment here, or on any post ever, but plan on reading future posts…. That’s ok. I still think you’re cool.

P.S. (edit) Let me know how you found me.  The world is a crazy place ya know.


21 responses to “Stalkers

  1. Did you create this just for me? LOL

    I feel honored just to be nominated…even if it is for “stalker of the year”.


  2. P.S. You know how techno. challenged I am. (It’s the hair)

    I don’t have a blog but I think I’d love to start one. Any hints?


  3. Shannon: It seemed like in the course of one week I talked to a bunch of people who read, but never comment. And yes, you were one of them. ;)

    How goes the blog launching?

  4. Your blog is a delight and a refreshing breath of air! good luck in NYC and I dont mind being added to your fellow bloggers list.

    keep writing… can’t wait to hear more.

  5. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on how to keep my page from holding the record as the most lame page in history. No one ever reads it and I suck at keeping it up to date. Any suggestions? By the way, we miss you…and I enjoyed spending some time on here. Later.

  6. @andrew – read mine, then you will no longer be the lamest.

    Natalie – I’ve been reading for about 6 months or so now, and have posted a few comments (Daleks = salt shakers) but never really introduced myself or said “hi”.


    I found your page while browsing through blogspot profiles of “other people who like This Island Earth”, and I think you’d just posted the coffee shop job/ninja monkey post. I was hooked! Look where you are now! Failed coffee-shop barrista to New Yorker acting student in six months!

    So anyway, Hi again, and please, no need to post a link to my blog because it really is dull. It’s not maintained regularly and isn’t really intended to be a place for people to read regularly.


  7. oh gad – yes i looked!! I’m a friend of aimless-wonderer, and I have a habit of clicking on links, and clicking on their links and…well, you know. So here’s to my not being a stalker! And, i love the writing skills!

  8. Stephanie: So glad you’re here! And apparently attracting others as well. Nice!

    Andrew: Did you get my email? I don’t think I knew you read my blog. Does Debi? Tell her I love her and miss her.

    Gordon: Of course I remember you! I LOVE how you found me. That is so awesome, and makes me want to watch that movie. Probably a la Mystery Science Theater though. Thanks for the background. I will probably be smiling about that all day.

    Amber: Welcome to the land of the acknowledged! ;) Thanks for the compliment, and I hope you continue to enjoy.

  9. i love your blog.
    i love your posts.
    i love your writing.

    i think i just said the same thing three different ways.

  10. Thank you abigailstall. Really. And being able to say the same thing three different ways, while complimenting me the whole time, shows how truly talented, intelligent and creative you are. ;)

  11. Hey Natalie,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I have definitely enjoyed reading yours for a few weeks now…hope that doesn’t sound too stalkerish, lol
    No, but you have a great sense of humour in your writing which makes your everyday observations and experiences fun to read.

    Take care,
    Ruth Leah

  12. I sometimes stalk…but is it out of love. I haven’t been funny for a while, but my sense of humour seems to be finding its way back to me….will you???

  13. I did look and I did comment and this is the first time im visiting this your blog.

    I may even add you to my blogroll! So there!!

  14. I found you through Sarah’s blog (been IRL friends with her for FOREVER!) around the time you started the Boyfriend videos. When I went to NYC to visit her over Memorial Day, I asked her about how she met you and that you were freakin’ hilarious. Now that I’m not “stalking” you, I’ll have to move you from the “Other People I Read” to the “Met on the Net” blogroll.

    I just signed up for a WordPress account so I’ve got a picture now. I’m going to claim my counting Daniel Jacksons post and the vote I just did on your headshots.

  15. I was just reading through your Stalker comments and saw the question you asked Andrew…do I read your blog? I do, dear friend, I do. I even read all the comments to your entries. It’s hard to explain, but there’s a reason I never leave comments of my own. I have them…on most all of your entries; I guess I just like to protect them – the same as our friendship. Checking in every few days w/o anyone knowing I’m there helps me to feel like I still have a special place…sort of like the guardian angel that no one sees. Maybe that makes me the ultimate “stalker,” but I understand what I mean – I hope you do, too, and that’s all that matters.

  16. I’m a stalker… I do not have a blog, nor do I want one. I love reading others thoughts though. Mine never translate well from my head to the screen:(
    How did I find you? I first found you in Garden Valley, TX… and then you blog- I think I found it on your facebook page.

  17. Ruth Leah: Yeah, I kind of stalk you too.

    Charlene: Do you EVER post? Did you move your blog? What’s the deal, yo?

    maji6: You DID add me to your blogroll. I’m shocked! And after only one visit? Have you been back?

    gofranks: So now I’m a stalker on your blog. I’m lurking…. waiting for the perfect opportunity to leave the perfect first comment….

    Debi: You’re so sweet. NOW LEAVE COMMENTS! But seriously. We’ll talk about this soon. I’ve been stalking you on facebook lately. Cause I can look at you at work, but I can’t call you.

    Becky: Becky? Becky who? I’m guessing this is a Teen Mania Becky with whom I have contact with on facebook, but I require more information. Thanks for commenting though. Comments are like hugs. Can you really ever have too many?

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  19. I found you because you’re my friend. And I’m not a stalker.

  20. Haha. This page cracked me up. And you got so many comments from it too!! I’m inspired. Well … almost. Maybe.

    I’m clearly not a stalker. I’m actually a compulsive commenter. I feel like I’m being rude if I don’t comment. It tends to suck away much of my day (look at what time I’m posting this).

    I may need time management skills.

  21. I can’t remember exactly how I found you about 3 yrs ago. How will I ever find you again?! :( Seems like I was searching the I-net for something and came to the “grit & glory” blog and maybe you were linked there…could that be it? Hmmm. what was I looking for?

    I reference you on my blog

    and maybe commented at your Blogspot site a couple of times, but I’m not nearly as clearly able to express myself as you are and certainly not so funny, witty, and clever. I really enjoy reading your writings.

    My blog, BTW, is pretty much done. After a personal crisis, it became a bit too whiny, albeit theraputic. Plus I no longer have I-net service at home and work just doesn’t allow enough time to ethically blog much. Still, when I’m working off-hours, I read. I will definitely miss reading your posts that I have enjoyed so very much…and you helped get me through that tough personal time–thanks! Maybe email to let me know where I can find you again. :)

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